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Our Story

It all began in the Pandemic.

Chef Dev Biswal never wanted to do a takeaway. He almost felt that putting food in a box and sending it with a driver is insulting the creativity and hard work of the chef who has produced it.  

All this changed, when the pandemic hit in 2020 and brought the industry to its knees. Dev started the takeaway under coercion but with the same passion, creativity and enthusiasm as his restaurants. The approach was quite simple. Fresh, modern Asian food with global ambitions.  During the pandemic, the takeaway restaurants participated in the meal for NHS program to provide essential meals for front line workers. It also provided essential meals for homeless people in and around Canterbury through charities such as Porchlight and Catching Lives.

By 2022 the food was being delivered across the South East from Margate all the way to Rye in East Sussex. The food won multiple takeaway awards including 'Just Eats best takeaway in the UK'. The story continues with a new exciting concept of Bombay Cooks. 

Dev Biswal Covid Takeaway
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